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We would like to extend our thanks to all the bloggers who participated in the #Saltfish Recipe Challenge. CFE International greatly appreciates your participation in the competition and for being a sponsor of our quality salt fish products. 

Please go to our FB page @BacalaoCFE to view the top 5 videos. 

We are very excited to be posting these videos, they all look great! Good luck!!

Once again, thank you. 

Discover Our Brands

Salting fish is a centuries old method of preserving fish through curing, yet its unique flavor and character are still enjoyed today. In the category of salt fish, cod is premium. Here at CFE International, we sell the finest salted products available in the world. Our retail brands, which include Cristobal, Buena Ventura, BacalaRico and Isla Brisa come in a variety of pre packed sizes which are distributed globally. We package a full line of cod fish and Pollock.

Get Fired Up

A heart healthy offering for your table that is fast, convenient and delicious. Our planked Atlantic Salmon is seasoned with the finest spices, then garnished and placed on a pre-soaked cedar plank; easy to prepare with minimal handling. The salmon will cook perfectly every time with a delicious wood smoke aroma. All of our salmon products can be cooked in the oven or on the BBQ. This is the perfect product for showing off to your guests at a party.

Premium Selections

Salt fish has been produced for centuries. For over 45 years retailers and distributors globally have relied on CFE International to deliver a consistent supply of high quality salt fish. Our bulk products are of superior quality. We select only the choicest fresh fish, which is processed into the finest salt fish. Our bulk products are the perfect option for food service and those retailers and distributors whose customers prefer the “old world” presentation of traditional bulk product. Our bulk selections include cod, Pollock, hake, cusk and haddock.