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Cedar Bay Grilling Company

Cedar Bay Grilling Company Introduces New Sous Chef Kits!
Cedar Bay Sous Chef Kits offer a fun and easy way to cook a premium, restaurant-style seafood dinner right at home. No prep-work required it cooks from frozen with easy step-by-step stovetop cooking instructions. Our kits contain pre-cut and pre-measured quality ingredients, perfectly portioned for two generous meal servings, ready in less than 20 minutes!

A new twist on a home style favorite - Cedar Bay Bake It Easy
Our Salmon & Potato Bake is loaded with premium Atlantic salmon and broccoli florets, smothered in a savory cream sauce – all topped with a shredded potato topping that cooks to a delicious golden brown.
No prep-work required it cooks from frozen with easy cooking instructions. The 29.2oz size serves two generously.

Bake It Easy Atlantic Salmon & Potato Bake 29.2 oz

Atlantic Salmon Pho Bowl 18 oz

Seafood Chowder Original 18 oz

Shrimp Pho Bowl 18oz

Smokey Bacon Seafood Chowder 18oz

Vegetable Alfredo with Atlantic Salmon 13.3 oz

On the plank, oven and grill ready entrees. This is the perfect entrée to impress guests at your next event or as a new and exciting dinner option for your family. Our Atlantic salmon is seasoned with the finest spices, and then placed on a pre-soaked cedar plank that adds a unique cedar smoked aroma. There is no prep work required – simply thaw and place in the oven or on the BBQ. Our cedar boards are hand cut from Canadian renewable forests and our maple sugar is made in Nova Scotia. Easy to prepare and minimal handling, the salmon will cook perfectly every time with a delicious slight cedar aroma. Available in six different flavors. Try our 5 oz., 8 oz., 9.7 oz., or 24 oz. full fillet

Applewood Orange & Ginger 24oz

Sugar & Spice 24oz

Jalapeño Mango 24oz

Applewood Orange & Ginger 8 oz.

Sugar & Spice 8 oz.

Hickory Maple 8 oz.

Applewood Orange & Ginger 8 oz. Seasoned

Hickory Maple 8 oz. Seasoned

Maple BBQ 8 oz. Seasoned

Applewood Orange & Ginger 9.7oz

Maple Smoked Pepper 9.7oz

Hickory Maple 9.7oz

Applewood Orange & Ginger Sticker Pack 9.7oz

Maple Smoked Pepper Sticker Pack 9.7oz

Hickory Maple Sticker Pack 9.7oz

Applewood Orange & Ginger 5oz

Maple Smoked Pepper 5oz

Sugar & Spice 5oz

Our burgers are made only from 100% Atlantic salmon fillets which are farm-raised in Canada – no scrape, no fillers and just the right amount of light spice to enhance the salmon flavor and deliver a delicious, fresh taste. Our premium salmon burgers are made using a large grind. They have a great meaty texture that is moist and juicy and delivers a bite just like a hamburger. Our burgers cook up beautifully and hold together perfectly every time, without thawing- just cook from frozen!

Original Atlantic Salmon Burger 6 oz