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Cristobal Salted Products

For our Cristobal brand salted cod and Pollock products we exclusively source the premium North Pacific and North Atlantic cod and Pollock from these icy waters. These fish must meet our strict quality standards and the finished product is inspected for quality, moisture and salt content to ensure that product specifications are always being met.

Choice Boned Salted Cod Fillets 1lb box

Choice Boned Salted Codfish Fillets 2lbs

Choice Boned Salted Codfish Fillets 1lb

Boned Salted Codfish Chunks 1lb

Random Weight Cod

Choice Boned Salted Pollock Fillets 1lb

Choice Boned Salted Pollock Chunks 1lb

Random Weight Pollock

Smoked & Salted Herring Fillets 12oz